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North Shore Animal League

North Shore Animal League For more than 55 years, North Shore Animal League of America (New York) has worked to make the world a safer, friendlier, healthier place for animals in need. Since 1944, the League has placed more than 800,000 lost or abandoned pets in loving homes. They have performed countless routine and extraordinary medical procedures. And taught tens of thousands of caring people to be good friends, companions and caretakers to the pets they've adopted through the League.

Visitors might find it hard to imagine that one of the world's premier animal welfare organizations grew from a hodgepodge of tiny buildings - largely through the support of concerned individuals and corporations. All their programs are funded entirely by voluntary donations. As the League's capabilities and resources grew, their commitment to helping orphaned pets extended, first nationally, then globally.

Across the United States and around the world, companion animals rely on North Shore Animal League America to represent their interests and provide them with healthier, happier lives. They hope you will share with them the joy they feel for the innocent lives they've already helped save, and take part in their eager anticipation for the untold number of animals still to be adopted in the years to come.

Website: North Shore Animal League of America


North Shore Animal League

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