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Soon to be Extinct Animals

Several animals are listed as critically endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), which means that they have an extremely high risk of becoming extinct in the wild. Today, according to IUCN, 3,071 species of animals are critically endangered.

Extinction is a natural process after the evolution of life. The current extinction rate of the animals is 100 to 10,000 times more than the natural rate. This is an alarming situation, which demands our complete attention. Once the species is lost, it cannot be brought back to life by any means.

Here, we discuss about some soon to be extinct animals:

Iberian Lynx: It is one of the world's most endangered species of cats. Its population once thrived in Spain, Portugal, and southern France, but, today, only 120 individual numbers of them are alive. Habitat loss, poaching, accidents caused by vehicles, and a declining rabbit population have threatened their existence.

If this animal disappears, it would be the first feral cat species to become extinct in about 2,000 years. In an effort to conserve them, the Spanish government has initiated steps to release rabbits, which is their favorite food, into the wild.

Alaotra Grebe: It was officially declared as extinct animal in 2010. The introduction of a new species into their habitat led to them becoming extinct.

Sumatran Tiger: They are found in Indonesia. Their rapidly declining numbers have endangered them, and are in danger of becoming the next extinct species. The Indonesian government has initiated steps to conserve them. To check their declining numbers, a program to sell some of the captive-bred species as pets has been conceived. The fund raised will be used for the preservation of the species.

Kleinmann's Tortoise: This animal is on the verge of extinction. Its popularity to be taken as pets has threatened its existence. Many of them are captured from the wild to meet the demand of hobbyists.

Red Squirrel: It is found in the British Isles for over 10,000 years now. It was a common sight throughout Britain, but, nowadays, it is mainly found in the northern region and in Scotland.

The introduction of non-native gray squirrels into the wild has threatened their existence. They are facing competition for food from the non-native species. Moreover, the gray squirrels carry a virus called squirrel-pox, which is dangerous to the native red squirrels. They have been provided the highest protection under the UK law, the Wildlife and Countryside Act.

In the same way, Indonesian Psychedelic Frogfish, the Golden Orb Web-spinning Spider, California condor, Sea Otter, Long-head Sea Turtle, etc. are threatened for their survival. In addition to it, release of some unwanted exotic pets into the wild has a great impact on the native wild creatures. They create a difficult situation for other species living in the habitat. Moreover, releasing of domesticated animals into the wild will put other species at risk of infection as they carry certain diseases.

Therefore, an adverse impact on the habitat of animals has made some of them soon to be extinct animals.

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