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Extinct Animals in the Last 100 Years

Ecology has its own system of maintaining the balance on earth. The evolution of a biological species and its end are important attributes of ecology. The moment the last individual of a particular species is dead, it is considered to be an extinct species.

Causes of Animals Becoming Extinct

Several factors are involved in the extinction of animal species ranging from dinosaurs to frogs. Some of them suffered mass-extinction, while others were subjected to extinction because of human destructive activities. Global warming, habitat loss, hunting, poaching, deforestation, and several other man-made factors have directly or indirectly affected the animals.

Deforestation has caused habitat loss to the animals, and has created a shortage of food in the form of declining numbers of their prey. Rapid industrialization and the emission of greenhouse gases have caused global warming. The climate change has affected about 100 to 200 species of animals, and about 70 species of frogs have become extinct. The threat due to global warming is going to become more intense in future.

Moreover, extensive hunting and poaching of animals for economic gains have led many animal species to become extinct. In addition to it, diseases, threat from predators, competition for food, genetic and demographic phenomena are some of the other factors that have caused extinction of animals.

Here, we discuss about some extinct animals in the last 100 years:

Arabian Ostrich: It is also known as the Middle Eastern Ostrich. It is a subspecies of Ostrich found in the Arabian Peninsula. The widespread introduction of firearms in the region made their hunting an easy task. By the beginning of 20th century, this species of bird had become rare, which led to its extinction in mid 20th century. Its last sighting was in 1966 in Jordan.

Bali Tiger: It is a native of Bali in Indonesia. It is the smallest of the three subspecies of tigers found in the Indonesian archipelago. Loss of habitat due to deforestation and human encroachment is the major factor for their extinction. Moreover, extensive hunting of this animal during the World War II made them extinct.

Barbary Lion: They are also known as the Atlas Lion. They are a subspecies of lion found in the northern regions of Africa. They are the heaviest subspecies of lion, and weigh about 440 to 600 pounds. Excessive hunting and loss of habitat due to expansion of agricultural lands have caused their extinction.

Caribbean Monk Seal: It is a subspecies of Seal found in the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. It is also called the West Indian Monk Seal. Pollution of marine waters caused by human activities has led to the extinction of this animal. It was last sighted at the Serramilla bank in the Western Caribbean Sea in 1952.

In the same way, many other animals such as the Caspian Tiger, the Golden Toad, Cape Verde Giant Skink, Carolina Parakeet, Japanese Sea Lion, Javan Tiger, Laughing Owl, Paradise Parrot, Wake Island Rail, Tasmanian wolf, etc. have become extinct animals.

Therefore, to prevent other animals from joining their list, it is important for man to check his activities.

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