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Extinct Animals in North America

Modernization of the United States led to the deforestation and clearing of forest cover. This resulted in destruction of natural habitats of many animals leading to some of them even becoming extinct. Here, we discuss about some extinct animals in North America:

Heath Hen: It was a subspecies of the Prairie Chicken, and was once found in the eastern United States. It was commonly seen across the region from Maine to Virginia before the American Revolution. Excessive hunting of this species of animal is the main reason for its extinction.

In 1907, fewer than 100 individual species of them were alive. But, with concerted effort their number increased to 800 in 1916. Due to bushfire and harsh winter, their number again declined. In 1921, a disease from domestic chickens infected this species of animal, which left their numbers to be reduced to 13. The last species died in 1932.

Passenger Pigeon: It was a common bird found in the central and eastern North America. It is believed that once their number ranged from 1 to 4 million. But, due to natural and man-made factors, they have become extinct. Excessive hunting of them and a low reproductive rate successively declined their numbers, and the last species died in 1914.

Sea Mink: It was found in the rocky coasts in the marine waters of New England and eastern Canada. This species was twice the size of the American Mink, and was hunted for its pelts. It finally became extinct in 1890s.

Eastern Elk: It was a native of the region east of the Great Plains in the United States. It became extinct in 1880.

Blue Pike: It was once found in abundance in the Great Lakes region of the United States and Canada. Man-made factors such as pollution, introduction of non-native species, and over fishing caused decline in their numbers, which resulted in the extinction of last species in 1970.

Black fin Cisco: It is also known as Jumbo Herring. It was a silver fish having black fins and a black stripe on its body. This species was once found in large numbers in the lakes Huron, Michigan, Ontario, and Superior.

Over fishing of this species greatly reduced their numbers in the 1940s. In addition to it, they were threatened by the introduction of a new species, the Sea lamprey, which considerably reduced their numbers. This critical situation led to the final extinction of this species in 1960.

Carolina Parakeet: This species was once a common sight in the southeastern United States. Mainly a feeder on seeds of fruits and grain crops, this species was considered a pest by the farmers of the region. It was killed in large numbers by the farmers, and was often captured to be kept as caged pets. This species finally became extinct in 1920.

Therefore, the extinct animals in North America suffered with their lives for the prosperity of the human beings in the United States and Canada.

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