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Cool Extinct Animals

The animals, which once inhabited Earth in abundance, are no more alive. They have suffered at the expense of man. The desire for supremacy on earth by the human beings resulted in complete wipe-off of some species of animals. Here, we discuss about some cool extinct animals:

Haast's Eagle: This species of bird was found in New Zealand, which is considered to be the land of birds. It is believed to be the largest species of eagle to ever exist on earth. It weighed about 30 pounds. It probably fed on human beings, although its primary prey was a flightless bird, moa.

It was believed to be the greatest predator on the island, other than the human beings. It was completely wiped-off from the island in about 1400 CE. Habitat loss due to clearing of dense forests for cultivation, and extinction of its primary food source, moa, by human beings caused this species of animal to become extinct.

Megalodon: It was one of the largest and the most powerful predatory fish on earth. It had sharp tooth, and was the largest shark ever. Its name means "big tooth" in Greek. The largest species of this predatory fish roughly measured 67 feet.

Arthropleura: It was a giant bug. It belonged to the species of millipedes and centipedes, and was found in Scotland and the parts of northeastern North America. It is the largest known land invertebrate, which measured 8 to 8.5 feet.

Smaller arthropleuras were herbivores, while the larger species of them were omnivores that ate small animals. It was a fast-moving creature having 30 pairs of legs.

Smilodon: It is also known as Saber-tooth tiger, although it was not a tiger. It was one of the largest known felines that ever lived on earth. It weighed between 120 and 1,100 pounds. It was found throughout North and South America. Lack of food sources and encroachment of its territory by human beings caused the extinction of this animal about 10,000 years ago.

Quagga: It was a subspecies of Zebra found in the plains of South Africa. Hunting of this animal for hides, and as a source of food for human beings led to its extinction in 1870s.

The Thylacine: It is also known as the marsupial tiger or the marsupial wolf. Popularly it is called Tasmanian tiger. It had a close similarity to wolves and dogs, which is an example of convergent evolution. It was mainly found in Tasmania, Australia.

The Great Auk: It was a flightless bird native to North America. It is also known as Garefowl. It had physical features similar to Penguins, and was the only flightless bird in the northern hemisphere.

Dodo: Extinction of Dodo is a classic example of animal suffering. This friendly creature lacked fear of human beings, which resulted in their easy-killings. It was a flightless bird found on the islands of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. It was first discovered in 1508 when the Portuguese navigators landed on this island nation.

Therefore, human exploitation of animals has resulted in the sufferings of these creatures to the extent of becoming extinct animals.

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