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Endangered Animals Panda

Giant Pandas have a special significance for World Wildlife Federation (WWF). It has adopted the endangered animals Panda as its logo, since its conception in 1961. Today, the WWF logo is recognized worldwide as a universal symbol for conservation movement.

About Pandas

Pandas are a rare breed of the bear family, and are found in the Gansu, Shaanxi, and Sichuan provinces of Peoples Republic of China. There are only 2,500 mature Pandas alive in the wilderness.

Black and white patches on the body of Giant Pandas make them look cute. A mature Panda weighs between 200-300 pounds. They can grow up to six feet in length. The average life span of a Panda is unknown, but they usually live up to 20 years in captivity.

Causes of Endangered Animals Panda

The decreasing numbers of endangered animals Panda have alarmed the conservationists. Habitat loss is the major cause for the endangerment of Pandas. The expansion of human population and the need of vast tracts of land for farming have led to large-scale deforestation. This human activity has destroyed the natural habitat of endangered animals Panda, and made them homeless.

Another reason for the declining numbers of endangered animals Panda is their low reproductive rate. Female Pandas have a reproductive cycle of about only five days in a year. Their mating season is between March and May, and the gestation period ranges from 90 to 180 days. They generally litter a single baby. If twins are born, only one survives because mother Panda cannot produce enough milk to raise two cubs.

Poaching is yet another reason, which has made Pandas endangered animals. They are poached for their skin, which has a great value in the international market. The soft skin of Pandas is used for making bags, and is sold for thousands of dollars. Although poaching is restricted and illegal, it goes on relentlessly because big money is involved in this unfair business.

Diet of Pandas

Pandas generally feed themselves on bamboos and shoots of the plants. Bamboo is their favorite food. A Giant Panda eats bamboos twelve hours a day, and are nicknamed "bamboo bear". Although their diet is mainly vegetarian, they eat meat of birds, rats, and carrion.

Conservation of Pandas

Pandas are the world's most adored endangered animals, and have been legally protected. International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has listed Giant Panda as an endangered animal. Moreover, WWF has also categorized the Giant Pandas as endangered animals, and has taken the social responsibility to conserve them. It has started an adoption program with an aim to conserve the endangered animals.

The Chinese government has initiated steps to restore the population of Pandas. It has created twelve bamboo flourishing nature preserves for conservation of the endangered animals Panda. Moreover, a grassland corridor has been marked by the Chinese government for the free movement and conservation of Pandas.

Panda has recently gained prominence with the Chinese government. Nowadays, a large number of coins in China bear images of Panda. It is an initiative of the Chinese government to spread awareness about the endangered animals Panda.

Therefore, the importance of endangered animals Panda has been realized. It is necessary to continue with our efforts to save them from becoming extinct.

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