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Endangered Animals for Kids

Animals are a beautiful creation of nature. They have fascinated the young and the old people alike. Kids are very much enchanted at the sight of animals, and are inquisitive to know more about them.

Animals are classified in different categories depending on their population. A species that is being hunted more often, and is quickly diminishing in numbers is considered to be in more danger than other animals. The animals worldwide have been classified into six categories. They are:

Stable: If the population of the animal species is large enough, it is stable or of least concern, and does not appear to be in danger of extinction. Examples: Rock Pigeon, Emperor Penguin, House Mouse, Indian Peafowl, etc.

Low Risk: If the animal species is facing a danger of eventual extinction, but is expected to survive for more than one hundred years, it is considered to be of low risk or near threatened. Examples: Solitary Eagle, American Bison, Blue-billed Duck, Striped Hyena, etc.

Vulnerable: If evidence suggests that the animal species may become extinct within one hundred years, they are considered to be vulnerable or threatened. Examples: African Elephant, Indian Rhinoceros, Hippopotamus, Cheetah, Lion, Polar Bear, etc.

Endangered: If the animal species is expected to become extinct within twenty years, they are categorized as endangered animals. Examples: Asian Elephant, Blue Whale, Giant Panda, Snow Leopard, etc.

Critically Endangered: If the animal species is expected to become extinct within ten years, they are categorized as critically endangered animals. Examples: Mountain Gorilla, Bactrian camel, Giant Turtle, Brown Spider Monkey, Island Fox, Gharial, etc.

Extinct: The animals living in zoos, known as "extinct in the wild", and the animal species that is no longer alive are classified under this category. Examples: Elephant Bird, Javan Tiger, Dodo, Passenger Pigeon, Catarina Pupfish, Red-tailed Black Shark, Hawaiian Crow, Wyomoing Toad, etc.

A red list including all the endangered animals worldwide has been prepared by International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) to protect and safeguard them. New names of the endangered animals are being added regularly to the list, and it keeps on growing. The endangered animals list includes some lesser known animals such as Robberr Frogs and Abe's salamanders.

The endangered animals for kids mentioned above are threatened for their survival due to the human destructive activities. Deforestation, habitat loss, global warming and depletion of the ozone layer caused due to the emission of greenhouse gases, and the rising sea-levels are a manifestation of the rapidly expanding human population.

The endangered animals are an essential part of the ecosystem, and need to be given a second chance at survival. Many of them are linked to food-chain important to the human beings. If they die, so will the humans.

Several laws have been enacted by the governments to protect and preserve the species of endangered animals. Various projects have been set up for the conservation of endangered animals.

Preservation of endangered animals is important as children are our future, and will be leading the world in the next generation. If they are aware of the problems now, they will be more open to conservation of endangered animals in the future.

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