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Facts about Endangered Animals

Animals are a beautiful creation of nature. They play an important role in the ecosystem. Today, many animals are threatened and endangered to become extinct due to human destructive activities. There are many interesting facts about endangered animals. Here, we discuss some facts about endangered animals:

  • The US Fish and Wildlife Service looks after the Endangered Species Act (ESA), enacted in 1973 to preserve the wildlife from becoming extinct

  • US alone have ten times higher population of endangered animals than those listed under the ESA

  • In United States, any person may file a petition before the government to include species as endangered animal

  • The US Fish and Wildlife Service together with National Marine Fisheries Services list the endangered animals

  • Up till August 2010, 413 species of animals have been listed as endangered animals. 19 species of endangered animals have been removed from the list of endangered animals after their number recovered.

  • World Wildlife Federation (WWF) was established in 1961 with an aim to conserve the endangered animals

  • Giant Panda, one of the most endangered animals in the world, has been adopted as the logo of WWF. Today, WWF logo is recognized as a universal symbol of worldwide conservation movement.

  • Giant Pandas have been legally protected under the wildlife conservation laws. Giant Panda is a rare breed of the bear family, and are generally found in the areas ranging from South west China to the eastern Tibetan plateau.

  • It is estimated that only 2,500 mature Giant Pandas are alive in the wilderness. They are nicknamed "bamboo bear" as they eat bamboo 12 hours a day

  • The "red list" of International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has classified the endangered animals between critically endangered and vulnerable.

Here is a list of some endangered animals included by IUCN in different categories:

Critically Endangered: These animals have an extremely high risk of becoming extinct in recent future. For examples, Mountain Gorilla, Bactrian camel, Giant Turtle, Brown Spider Monkey, Island Fox, and Gharial.

Endangered: This includes animals having a very high risk of becoming extinct in near future such as Dhole, Markhor, Blue Whale, Asian Elephant, Giant Panda, and Snow Leopard.

Vulnerable: This category includes animals having a high risk of becoming extinct in the medium span of time. Examples are African Elephant, Cheetah, Lion, Indian Rhinoceros, Hippopotamus, and Polar Bear.

  • According to an estimate by IUCN, one-fourth of mammals, one-half of fresh-water turtles, one-third of amphibians, one-eighth of birds, and one-fifth of sharks are in danger of becoming extinct.

  • Emission of Green-house gases has led to global warming. It has become a major factor to threaten and endanger animals

  • Poaching of animal body parts on a large-scale has threatened and endangered animals. It is estimated that only 40,000 tigers, 1,500 Indian One-horned Rhinoceros, 20,000 Asian elephants, 7,500 Leopards, 352 Asiatic Lions are alive today.

  • The rate of extinction of the endangered animals is at an alarmingly 100-1000 times more than the expected normal rate

  • 199 countries have entered into an agreement for Biodiversity Action Plan to safeguard the endangered animals

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