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Endangered Ocean Animals

The first trace of life emerged in the sea-waters. About 500 million years ago, life evolved in the form of primitive fishes, and it is believed that all the fishes, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals have evolved over a period from them.

International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has listed 368 marine animals as endangered ocean animals. Human activities have been largely responsible for the endangered marine life. Over fishing, polluted waters, and oil-spill from oil explorations have threatened their existence.

Moreover, climate change has played a significant role to endanger marine life. Due to Global warming, the ocean water becomes warmer. Warm water has less oxygen, which forces the marine animals to relocate. Here, we give some information on endangered ocean animals:

Florida Manatee: They live in the ocean waters near Florida State, and only 3,200 manatees are believed to be alive. They are more often killed by sailing boats because manatees move slowly, and cannot be seen easily.

They have been endangered due to habitat loss, and have been severely affected by pesticides and herbicides. They have a very high rate of stillbirths, the reasons for which are still unknown.

An endangered animal's organization, Save the Manatee, was founded in 1981 to educate the public about the endangered manatees.

Hawaiian Monk Seal: This endangered ocean animal was reported to have become extinct, but 1,000 individual Hawaiian Monk Seals were found to be alive in 1988. Their number is endangered because their breeding area is under threat from human activities. Moreover, they are facing competition for food from the local fishermen.

Kemp's Ridley Turtle: This endangered marine animal is placed in the rare category. Only 500 of endangered Turtles of this species are believed to be alive. Removal of eggs from the turtle-nests has been made illegal, but they often get caught in fishing-nets.

The wastes from oil explorations in the ocean waters have endangered marine life. Moreover, consumption of garbage littered in the ocean waters has also threatened and endangered the existence of Kemp's Ridley turtles.

Humpback Whales: Only 2,500 Humpback Whales are believed to be alive. They are hunted for their fur, and their flesh is consumed as meat.

Salt Water Crocodile: They are called "salties" in northern Australia. Hunting and destruction of habitat have made them endangered.

Sperm Whale: They are endangered ocean animals of the Antarctica. They have Octopus-like suckers, which attract other animals towards them.

In the same way, Blue Whales, Dolphins, loggerhead Turtles, leatherback Turtles, northern Right Whales, Hooded seal, Atlantic salmon, Mako sharks, Great white sharks, etc. have been categorized as endangered ocean animals.

Conservation of endangered ocean animals

The Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA), devised in 1972, provides special protection to marine mammals. It has completely restricted the importation of marine mammal products into United States. However, the Act was amended in 1994 to consider the cause of Alaskan natives, whose subsistence is entirely dependant on hunting of whales.

Therefore, it is important to save the endangered marine life for maintaining the ocean ecology.

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