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Endangered Animal Organizations

Endangered animals have become a major concern for everybody. Saving the endangered animals is important. Therefore, several endangered animal organizations have been established to safeguard these animals from poachers, and check their decreasing numbers. Here are some important endangered animal organizations:

  • World Wildlife Federation (WWF): WWF was founded in 1961 for conserving the wildlife. It aims at the protection of natural habitats of wild animals, and promotes ecological co-existence. WWF has a large network of five million members across the world, and has a presence in about hundred countries.

    WWF cares for all the animals, but has marked nine animals as main endangered animals. The list includes giant pandas, tigers, polar bears, rhinos, marine turtles, great apes, elephants, and endangered whales and dolphins.

  • The Nature Conservancy: The Nature Conservancy is an organization set up to look after the conservation of ecologically important lands. The destruction of habitats of animals is making animals endangered. Therefore, this organization tries to prevent the habitat loss of the endangered animals, and ensures the protection of ecologically important lands.

  • United States Fish and Wildlife Service: This is a government agency, which was established in 1973 to look after the Endangered Species Act. This Act was passed by the US Congress to preserve and protect the wildlife from becoming extinct.

  • Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS): WCS was founded in 1895 with an aim to conserve the wildlife. It has played a significant role to restore the American Bison from the brink of extinction.

    WCS is managing about five hundred conservation projects in more than sixty countries. They are protecting many endangered animals worldwide, which includes polar bears in the Arctic, tigers in India, and the gorillas in the Congo.

  • Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA): The Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) is trying to reintroduce the animals raised in zoos back into their wild habitats. The efforts of this endangered animal organization to restore the animals into their habitats have produced effective results. California candors, Wyoming toads, and black-footed ferrets have been successfully reintroduced into their wild habitats.

  • International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN): IUCN, situated at Gland, Switzerland was established in 1948. The "red list" of this worldwide conservation organization includes the names of more than 8,400 endangered animals. In addition to the protection of habitats of the endangered animals, IUCN favors captive breeding. It is a process of breeding rare and endangered animals in artificial environments.

In the same way, several other animal organizations like Greenpeace, Defenders of wildlife, National Audubon Society, American Humane Association, National Wildlife Federation, Hubbs-Seaworld Research Institute, etc. are significant contributors to the cause of endangered animals.

Therefore, we can see that several endangered animal organizations have taken up the social responsibility to save the fast diminishing numbers of endangered animals. These animal organizations are actively supported with funds and aids by the governments.

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