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Endangered Animals

Endangered AnimalsMan's desire to expand rapidly has destroyed the natural habitat of wild animals, making them homeless. International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) includes the red list names of over 5,000 vertebrate animals, among a total of 15,589 species, as endangered animals.

Causes of Endangerment

  • The main reason for animals endangered is the uncontrolled human activity. To pursue mindless development, man has created irreparable damages. The gases emitted from greenhouses have brought global climate change affecting everybody. Industrial wastes have polluted the river water and marine life.

  • Overexploitation of animals to satisfy the needs of humans has led to considerable downfall in their number. Unrestricted hunting of Whales during the twentieth-century has made them endangered animals. Poaching of rhinoceros and tigers is another serious cause of their falling numbers. Rhino horns and tiger bones are widely used in making traditional medicines.

  • According to IUCN, one-third of the amphibians, one-half of the fresh water turtles, one-eighth of all the birds, and one-fourth of mammals are in danger. The causes for their endangered lives are directly related to the human beings.

Saving the Endangered Animals

  • It is important to save the endangered animals to maintain the ecological balance. Nature has its own way of maintaining the balance. If we do not take steps to ensure it, we will ultimately have to face the consequences.

  • Animals endangered have to be taken care of for their medicinal values. If once they are lost, they cannot be replaced. Tiger bones are used as an effective cure against some deadly diseases like cancer.

  • By protecting the natural habitats of wild animals, we can do a lot to save them. Greedy advancements of man are endangering animals. Today, most of the animals are in the list of endangered animals. Asian elephant, Blue whale, Brown pelican, Orangutan, Panda, Puma, Rattle snake, Sperm whale, Kangaroo, Bactrian camel, Bengal tiger, Dhole, etc. are some animals endangered by human activity.

  • Legal private farming for profit has contributed in restoring the situation to some extent. According to IUCN, legal private farming for profit has increased the number of both the Black Rhinoceros and White Rhinoceros in the United States.

  • WWF (World Wildlife Federation), established in 1961, has played a significant role in conserving the wildlife. It has brought awareness in people by conducting various exercises worldwide.

  • Special laws for protection of wildlife and checking illegal poaching have been formulated by all the nations. Governments of the nations are ensuring their duties for the endangered animal.

The information given above on endangered animals will help you to understand the true situation. Although some damages have been done, still there is much scope to restore the situation with timely efforts. It is our moral duty to ensure a safe life to all the creatures, otherwise the coming generation of people may not be able to know about the lives which will become extinct.

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