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Desert Animals : Roadrunners


While we are driving in the deserts of the United States and Mexico, we often encounter roadrunners running at high speed in front of our vehicles. Wearing coats mixed in black, brown, and white, roadrunners have a dash of blue and red behind each of their eyes. They also have bushy head feathers, called head crests, that stand up when they are curious or excited. Roadrunners can grow up to 2 feet long, but their tails take up half of that length. Even though they can fly, their wings are too short to carry them airborne for more than a few seconds. Therefore, when they feel threatened, roadrunners have a better chance of survival by fleeing on foot than by flying. Indeed, with a pair of long, strong legs, roadrunners can speed away as fast as 17 miles per hour!

Aside from their ability to run fast, roadrunners are equally famous for their expertise in killing one of the world's most poisonous snakes - rattlesnakes. When a roadrunner comes across a rattlesnake, it quickly snatches the snake in its bill and tosses its prey into the air. After the snake lands, the roadrunner takes a hold of the half-unconscious snake and slams it on the ground or against a rock repeatedly until it is dead. Roadrunners also feed on insects, lizards, rodents, scorpions, and small birds.

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