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Desert Animals : Camels


Known as "ships of the desert", camels have been used for transporting goods across deserts for thousands of years. In fact, camels are the only desert animals that can carry heavy loads of goods and travel for a long period of time without food or water. Transportation, however, is not the only benefit that camels can offer us. Desert people also rely on camels for their milk, meat, and fur. Even camels' droppings turn out to be useful - desert people use camels' manure as fuels.

Weighing more than 1,500 pounds, adult camels can reach a height of 6 feet at their shoulders and 7 feet at their humps. Camels have two hoofed toes on each foot, under which a leathery pad links the two toes. When camels walk, they spread their toes as wide apart as possible to prevent their feet from sinking into the sand. The tough, leathery pads under their feet also allow camels to walk on stony, rough grounds. Camels are nicknamed "ships of the desert" because they walk like the motion of a rolling boat - move both feet on one side of their bodies, then both feet on the other.

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