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Animal Shelters

Animal Shelters

An animal shelter is a facility provided to animals that creates shelters and some resting place for the homeless, lost or abandoned animals. Mostly a big number of dogs are given such shelters. Also there are other pets like cats. But having said this, most of these shelters also prove to be centers of mass killing of unwanted animals which might prove dangerous to the society. Due to the overpopulation f such stray animals and pets as many as four million cats and doggies are about one every eight seconds—are put down in U.S. shelters each year

The aim of today's animal shelter or animal protection is to give a safe, secured and caring environment for all the animals. Also till all the animals are either reclaimed by their owner, or who are placed in a new home, or even those of whom are placed with another organization. Many progressive and developed shelters and protective places' temperament do test these animals before they are getting placed up for the adoption procedure to make sure that the surroundings are most appropriate and are according to home environment.

In the past years, any kind of shelter was most commonly referred to as a "dog pound". This is a term which has its origins in the impoundments of some agricultural communities, where the stray cattle would be penned up. Also these communities would keep them impounded till they were claimed by their real owners. Very few animal shelters encourage animal's adoptions. And very few of them see to it that they are not adopted within a fixed period of time. Other adoptions homes have the policy of only putting down animals which are in absolute distress due to their age or other illnesses.

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