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Zoo Animal Information

Zoology refers to the study of animals. The abbreviation "zoo", refers to a place where animals are confined, displayed to the public and bred. Children love to visit a zoo. The word, zoo can itself bring a smile on their faces. It also fascinates a lot of animal lovers and people who wish to be on the lap of nature. It can be considered as an ideal picnic spot, backed with environment study. Zoo animal information will help us know the animals that are bred in the zoo. It also helps in observing the characters displayed by animals without much risk. There are around a 1,000 variety of animals, for public viewing, across the world.

Here's a list of the animals found in a zoo:

  1. Birds: Birds are very popular zoo animals. They are warm blooded, have two legs and lay eggs. They also have feathers and wings to fly, although birds like emus and penguins, cannot fly. Bald eagle, bali mynah, barn owl, barred owl and coscoroba swan, are a few birds that are exhibited in many zoos.

  2. Mammals: Mammals are animals, who mostly have hair on their bodies. They give birth to young ones and have mammary glands. They nurse their infants with milk. Out of the 4,000 species of mammals, most of them are found in the zoo. The mammals found in zoo include the elephants, lions, tigers, monkey, giraffe, fox and zebra, among others.

  3. Reptiles: Reptiles are vertebrates with scaly skin. They lay eggs for reproduction. The young ones look exactly like the adults and can be termed as miniature versions. Python, rattlesnake, bearded dragon, are a few reptiles, which are displayed in zoos.

  4. Amphibians: Amphibians draw a lot of crowd in the zoos as they come in various colors, shapes and sizes. Amphibians are found in all the continents of the world, except Antarctica. They include many kinds of animals, ranging from frogs and toads to most of the aquatic beings.

  5. Invertebrates: Invertebrates are those animals, who do not have a backbone, compared to birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians. It includes beetles and other insects, along with marine animals like corals and lobsters. It performs a very important function of converting organic waste into nutrients, which is useful for the nourishment of plants and trees. Butterflies, beetle, cockroaches and termites are example of invertebrates.

We have special cells, to keep these animals in the zoo.

Some useful tips to be followed to care for the animals in the zoo:

  • The animals need to be kept in spacious surrounding, depending upon their sizes
  • There should be a lot of trees and artificial lakes; if possible, to make the animals feel at home
  • Food and water should be provided regularly, along with clean and hygienic surroundings
  • Regular medical check-ups should be done, by an experienced VET
  • Visitors should be asked not to throw things at them
  • Guards should be well trained to handle the animals, if a mishap occurs

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