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Sea Animal Information

Water covers about 71% of the earth's surface and therefore the number of animal's found in oceans and seas are very vast. The Sea world is very fascinating and wonderful. There are a lot many amazing facts, lying in the sea. This has attracted many researchers to discover all the living creatures found in this abode. The variety of species found in water is so abundant that it exceeds the number of mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians put together. Sea animal information will be useful for us to gather the facts associated with this incredible world.

Here's a list of a few animals found in the sea:

  1. Seahorses: Sea horse is a deep sea fish. There are about 35 different varieties of sea horses in the world, of which only a small variety of it is used for aquarist purpose. Seahorses come in different colors. They can be white, red, black, yellow, brown, grey, spotted or banded. They have a unique structure and appearance. They have a structure that resembles like a variety of animals put together. The head resembles like a horse, the snout looks like an aardvark, spines like a puffer fish, a pouch like a kangaroo, eyes like a lizard, the tail like a monkey, an armor plated body like stegosaurus, and they also have the ability to change colors like a chameleon. When they eat, they make a unique snatch-sucking movement of their snout.

  2. Killer Whale: Killer whales are found in all the oceans, from Arctic to Antarctic oceans, to the tropical seas. The species of killer whales has a diverse diet. Some feed on fish, whereas others hunt marine mammals, such as seals, walruses, sea lions and even large whales.

  3. Dolphins: Dolphins are mammals, and like all other mammals, they nurse their young ones, through mammary glands. There are about 32 species of ocean dolphins. They are social beings, who live in groups and cooperate among each other to get food, and raise their young ones. They communicate very efficiently by making a unique whistle sound, to coordinate with the other dolphins.

  4. Piranha: Many people consider piranha's to be very dangerous. However the fact is that most of the piranha's species eat aquatic plants and reeds. Reports about piranhas biting people are very rare, so their danger seems to be exaggerated. A very small species of them can harm humans. It has a strong jaw, with triangular razor sharp teeth. The teeth help them to taste blood of their prey.

Animals found in the deep sea have special structures, behavior and body chemistry, that has been developed, to allow them to survive in this unusual environment. As the debt of the sea increases, it becomes very dim and cold. Food is very difficult to find in the deep ocean, because plants cannot perform photosynthesis in the absence of proper sunlight. The animals also live under tremendous pressure, as they carry a lot of weight of the water above them. Scarcity of food also makes them very aggressive and good hunters.

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