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Information about Extinct Animals

Animal extinction is a natural part of evolution. Since the evolution of life, about four billion years ago, a very vast majority of species which existed then are now extinct. Scientists have recorded five extinction events in earth's history. Some of them were so severe that more than 90 percent of all living forms were killed. The last one happened some 63 million ago, which eradicated the dinosaurs. It is believed to be caused by an asteroid hitting the earth. Today we are in the middle of the sixth extinction event. Although all the extinction events in the past were natural events, the current one is caused directly or indirectly by humans. Animals are killed ruthlessly even for fun. It is really important to preserve all kind of species; even the insects, as they all contribute to maintain the ecological balance. The information about extinct animals would prove to be an eye opener, considering the list of animals we have lost!

Here's the list of animals which are now extinct:

  • Tasmanian wolf: Tasmanian wolf is not a wolf but a marsupial. Is a relative of wombats and kangaroos. It also has a pouch. It is believed to be extinct for over half a century

  • Caspian Tiger: Caspian Tigers were found in China, Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Turkey. They were basically hunted for their fur. The species were greatly destroyed in 1930's, which followed a ban on hunting them in 1947. As per reports, the last Caspian tiger was shot in 1957

  • Steller's Sea Cow: George Steller, discovered them in 1741, while exploring in the Aleutian Islands. They can grow up to 35 feet long and weigh up to three and a half tons. Sailors hunted them for meat and their leather. Owing to hunting, they vanished from their only home within 30 years of their discovery

  • Irish Deer: Irish deer's lived in Europe and Ireland, about 10,000 years ago. It stood six feet high at its shoulders, and its broad antlers spanned ten feet

  • Cave Bear: The cave bear lived in Europe, some 1.8 million years ago to 11,000 years ago. Their remains are found in the caves. Early humans left their drawings on caves where they lived. They stood 12 feet tall, when upright

  • Saber Tooth Tiger: Saber tooth tigers were found in Europe and North America, some 20 million years ago. They were fast runners for short distances and used to attack their prey in packs

  • Cave Lion: Cave lions were the largest of cat species that even lived. They were almost five feet tall at their shoulders. Their paintings have been found in caves of Asia and Europe. The cave lions were extinct 10,000 years ago

  • Hairy Mammoth: The hairy mammoth lived in Europe and Asia and became extinct recently; some 5,000 to 10,000 years ago. They stood about 12 feet tall

  • Giant Kangaroos: Giant kangaroos, which were as large as modern rhinos, once lived in Australia

There are many more to add on to the list of the extinct animals. The information on extinct animals is reviewed periodically because we have too many critically endangered animals, on the verge of extinction!

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