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Animal Groups

We often say that humans are social. That is because humans live in groups and they are connected and dependent on each other in the group for their various activities. We also see that many animals live in groups which are called as Animal Groups. We might wonder what is the need of animals to live in groups. Right from bacteria to huge creatures like great whale live in groups. Those animals that live in groups tend to do so for many reasons. Some of them are as follows,
"More the number more the safety." In a large group, a predator can look only for few individuals for hunting. By staying in a group with other animals of their own kind, each animal is lowering down its personal probability of being chosen by the predator. Also as there are more number of animals in a group there are more and more eyes watching out for predators.

Another advantage of Animal Groups is doing hunting in group is quite easy as compared to hunt done by one animal. It is easier to site a pray as there are many eyes looking out for a pray at a time. Also being in group they can attack a pray which is bigger in size and also powerful as compared to them. It has been observed that group of lioness can attack and hunt an elephant which is at least 10 times more of their size.

For animals being in group it is easy to protect their hunted food from other predators. Also in group they can steal the food from other animals which are surviving individually. It is often seen that a group of wild dogs or wolfs steal pray which has been hunted by tiger or leopard.

Honey bees socially live in honey comb. Comb is the name for Animal Group of honey bees. In a comb 3 different types of honeybees exists. First is Queen honey bee. She is big in size and only one per comb. Her main job is to lay more and more eggs. Second are men bees. Their main job is reproduction. The third type is labor female honey bees. They are the working hands of comb. As this each type of bee is assigned a specific work, they perform their work and leave symbiotically.

When animals live in group, there are more and more chances of them to get their mate. They also can find more than one mates in a group. This increases their community. There are different names for different Animal Groups. Some of them are listed below,

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