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Stuffed Animals

Stuff toys are toys are sewn from plush, cloth or other synthetic fibers and stuffed with cotton, straw, beans, plastic pallets, synthetic materials or other similar stuff. Stuffed animals are referred by many names. They are called as plush toys in U.S. English and as soft toys or cuddle toys in British English. These toys are called as Stuffed Animals because the stuffing is done in animal shape.

Soft toys were first made in Germany. "The Steiff Company", founded in 1880 by Margarete Steiff, was the first one to market these stuffed toys. Stuffed Animal toys were primarily designed for kids. But the toys became famous in adults too. The popularity of these toys has risen in last few years. Most commonly stuffed toys are made for children. These are made up of very soft materials and in very colorful type so as to appeal to kids' eyes. Teddy bears are the most popular in Stuffed Animals. Teddy bears come in different shapes and size, right from 3cm to 2 meters in height. Therefore these are most widely produced soft toys. Teddy bears are followed by sock monkeys in demand.

As the years are passing and the industry is growing the look of soft toys is being more and more realistic. However many other stuffed toys are not meant to be realistic in order to preserve their cuteness. Many toys also come with musical boxes inside them.

There are also multi-functional Stuffed Animals Pictures available. These are called as Zoobies. These toys are toys, pillows and blankets at the same time. These Animal Toys have shape of different animals. These are made in very soft materials. Organic soft toys are the in infashion toys. It was first thought that these organic soft toys are not safe for infants and kids as they in making of them many chemicals are used. But this has been proven wrong. These toys are very much safe for kids too. The craze of these Stuffed Animals is increasing day by day in India also.

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