Our Privacy Policy

At animalport.com we maintain complete confidentiality of the visitors and users of our site. We do not disclose any personal information like name, contact details, etc. to anyone. We also assure you that any such information will not be displayed on any public or social networking site. We assure that none of this information will be shared with any third party or the parties that display their ads on our site.

Your privacy is vital and we assure that we do not compromise with it on any terms. Using cookies we store only your IP address. Any advertisements displayed on the site are not always allowed to use cookies. Google displays ads as per eth visits and preference of the visitor using the Google Advertising service.

Here is some more information about Google Advertising. It uses the Double-click Dart cookie. When a visitor clicks on an ad a cookie is dropped at the userís end. It collects some data and Adsense uses this data to serve you better. You can restrict this action. Visit http://www.google.com/privacy_ads.html for more details.