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Information About Animals


Animal Portal provides description and animal information on a wide gamut of animals. The animal profiles have been made with a combination of scientific as well as general purpose usage. So when browsing through our list of wild animals, desert and rainforest animals you will find it interesting from your research as well as general knowledge point of view.

At the outset, visitors will find pages on animals pictures and wallpapers. List of Animal Pictures and Wallpapers are sorted out alphabetically. You can search your animal of interest in the search box above. We hope you enjoy our animal pictures and wallpapers. Care has been taken to make these pictures and wallpapers to suite your need. We have also added animal clipart as the latest addition.

The animal pages includes animal information on physical characteristics, habitats, food habits, interesting facts, conservation status etc.

The section of animal issues covers animal rights, animal testing, animal behavior and animal cruelty. We have also included legal rights of animals from the point of view of animal issues. Extinct and endangered animals have been dealt with in the section of extinct animals.

Kids and school children will find baby animals link interesting wherein they get to know what are the names of the baby animals. We will soon be providing service on the animal names for dogs, cats, horses and your pets. Animal Crossing section has been added to give a brief information on the game plan and strategy. Kids and their parents will find the animal sounds interesting, wherein you can find what the sound of animals is called in respective countries.

Visitors who want to gift their pets and animals can find the animal names and animal poems link very suggestive. Cats & Dogs section gives description on various breeds of cats and dogs along with their pictures. The pages explain the physical charecteristics, life span, food habits, their origin and most importantly the breeds' temperament.

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